Free Bridal Jeopardy Game

This is bridal shower Jeopardy! Well, I’m no Alex Trebek, but I have some tips and tricks for a fabulous jeopardy game that could be played during your bridal shower.

In this article, we will explore how Bridal Jeopardy works. We will go over different game styles with categories and questions. You will also receive a free downloadable and editable Bridal Jeopardy Game.

What is Bridal Jeopardy?

Bridal shower Jeopardy is just like the television game show. Players will answer a series of questions worth money (in our case, points or prizes). The person who has the most money at the end of the game wins.

How to play Bridal Jeopardy?

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Questions are divided into categories. The easiest question will start at 100 points ranging up to 500 points. Teams answer the questions. Questions will be about the engaged couple. At a bridal shower, more questions are about the bride.

  • Break up the room into three teams.
  • Provide each team a buzzer, you could use an app. I like Trivia Bowl Buzzer.
  • Present the Jeopardy game
  • Figure out which team goes first by a coin toss or pick a number.
  • Assign someone to keep score.
  • The team with the most points wins.
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Credit: The Better Bridesmaid

Bridal Jeopardy Format

There are different ways to play bridal Jeopardy. It could be played on a physical board or there could be an electronic Jeopardy board. This article will give examples of both. You will be able to download a free bridal Jeopardy game from Bridal shower 101.

Bridal Jeopardy Board Examples

The board format is easy for crafty ladies. All you will need is a piece of cardboard and some decorations. Glue envelopes to the board. You could put the question and answer cards in the envelope. Label categories and each envelope, the points that the questions are worth and then you are done!

bridal jeopardy 2
Credit: Reddit
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Digital Bridal Jeopardy

Bridal Jeopardy could be made in several ways. The easiest way is to use Microsoft Powerpoint. You could make a chart and label them with the categories and the points. Have each point block link to the appropriate question slide. On the bottom of the question slide, have a link to the answer slide. On the answer slide, have a link that brings you back to the slide with the game board.

The Host for Bridal Jeopardy

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The host of the bridal shower is usually the host of the game. One of the bridesmaids could co-host eh game. It is important that someone has all other questions and answer on hand.

Categories and Questions

Categories could be vague but questions could get personal and specific. Be sure as the points increase, the question difficulty increases as well.

Questions are decided from the couple and facts about them. There could also be entertainment questions on popular culture. There are soma great question ideas from the He Said, She Said blog post.

bridal jeopardy 3

The Bride-to-Be

  • How old is the bride?
  • What is The Brideโ€™s Favorite Color?
  • How many children does the bride want?
  • When is the brideโ€™s birthday?

The Wedding

  • What is the wedding date?
  • What is the wedding theme?
  • How many bridesmaids are in the bridal party?
  • Where is the honeymoon?

Love Songs

  • What the name of this song….
  • Finish this lyric ….
  • Who sings the song….

The Couple

  • Where did the couple meet?
  • Who takes longer to get ready?
  • Where was the proposal?
  • Where was their first date?
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Double Jeopardy

In Bridal Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy Questions is either the team’s total points or 1000 points, whichever is greater.

Final Jeopardy

The last question of the game. This should be the most difficult question of the game. Here are some examples…

  • What is the official/unofficial wedding colors?
  • Name the person that is marrying the couple?
  • What is the wedding hashtag?

Prizes for Bridal Jeopardy winner

There are a lot of prize idea for the winner. Check out the blog post on bridal shower game prizes.

Free Bridal Jeopardy Game (powerpoint)

bridal jeopardy

Here is your free game. Once you’ve download this game, you MUST open it in Google Slide or Powerpoint. Remember to edit in Google Slides and save a NEW copy with your custom answers.

When you click “Present” in the upper right-hand corner, you will be able to click each number and it will bring you to the corresponding question, answer, then back to the home page. When finished go to slide show and begin the fun!

You MUST have Powerpoint or Google Slides for the game links to work!


Enjoy playing this game at your bridal shower. When writing this blog post I cam up with so many questions that could be a part of this game. The free Bridal Jeopardy that I provided allows to edit and customize it to your liking.

What kinds of questions would you use in your Bridal Jeopardy game?