Drive Through Bridal Shower

The economy has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic. This has greatly effected the wedding industry. Bridal showers are now restricted due to social distancing guidelines. But this isn’t stopping creativity when it comes to bridal showers.

There are some ideas of still having a bridal shower and abiding by the social distancing guidelines. Some creative ideas have been hosting an around the clock bridal shower, a long distance bridal shower and most recently a drive through bridal shower.

drive through bridal shower

What is a drive through bridal shower?

A drive through bridal shower also known as a drive by wedding shower is an event that allows social distancing for bridal shower guests. It is when cars line up in front of the bride’s home and drop off gifts through their car window.

A drive through bridal shower could also be arranged a curb side pick up event. When people are given a certain time to arrive and leave their gifts on the bride’s porch.

Drive Through Bridal Shower Example

drive through bridal shower

Ellie Morgan of Chattanooga, Tennessee had her wedding shower set until the pandemic hit. She had to be resourceful when coming up with ways to keep the festivities going.

Rather than canceling this traditional event, her bridal party threw her a drive-through shower. Guests drove up to her driveway and, while keeping a 6 ft. distance, gave Morgan bridal shower gifts.

“They would just drive up and hand us our gift out of their window,” laughed Morgan. “We would open the gift in front of them, take a quick picture beside their car, hand them a cookie and a squirt of sanitizer and send them on their way!”

Morgan states that the best part of her drive through wedding shower was getting to seen her family and friends again, even at a distance.


So there are still ways to pull it off! A drive through bridal shower is just one way to still have an amazing event in the mists of everything. It proves that no matter what, love will prevail!

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drive by bridal shower
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