What to Write in a Bridal Shower Card?

What to write in a bridal shower card?

Depends on the bride and what she means to you.

My best friend is getting married in April. Her bridal shower is coming up next month. Along with her gift, I wanted to make sure that he inscription in her bridal shower card is special and brings a smile to her face.

If you are in the same situation. Here are some tips to bridal shower cards and their recipients.

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Bridal Shower Card for Sister

There is a very special bond between sisters take this time to show her how much you really care. Be sure to include your personality because it is your sister and she will know if you are being genuine.

Bridal Shower Card for Sister Example

Congratulations on the beautiful, glorious and epic wedding that you always said you’d have!

My beautiful sister It has been so much fun growing up with you and being in your life. I will always support you in your life journey. Congratulations on your happily ever after!

Bridal Shower Card for Co-worker

It’s okay to keep it professional, yet sincere. Your bridal shower card should be simple but thoughtful.

Bridal Shower Card for Co-Worker Example

Congratulations on your wedding! Thank you for the opportunity be a part of this amazing event!

Congratulations! Best wishes to you and yours!

Bridal Shower Card for Daughter

This is a very special time for your daughter. Be sure to talk about happy memories and marriage advice. Be sure to express your love and show that you are happy for her.

My dearest daughter I want to say that i am very proud of you. I wish you all of the wonderful things in this world for you and your marriage.

Bridal Shower Card for Daughter in Law

Show support and welcome your new daughter in law to the family. This is also a good time to share positive marriage tips and maybe some family stores.

Bridal Shower Card for Daughter in Law Example

Bridal Shower Card for Daughter in Law Example

I am so happy you are marrying my son! Welcome to the family!

Bridal Shower Card for Close Friend

There is no one like your best friend. They know all of your secrets, personality traits and experiences. it is important when writing a bridal shower card that you have personality and humor. be sure that the bride is a peace and feel tranquil through this process. What you write in the bridal shower card should be positive and encouraging.

Bridal Shower Card for Close Friend Example

Congratulations on finding you happily ever after! love you forever!

Congratulations on your union. meet me at the bar!

Wishing you so much happiness for your amazing future! Can’t wait for the wedding of the year!

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Bridal Shower Card Tips

Be Detailed- If you know the bride very well, it’s good to be detailed and personal, the more tailored the card is to the bride, the more special she will feel.

 Be Simple- Do not over complicate thing. Let what you write in a bridal shower card flow from the heart.

Be Loving- This could be a very anxious time for the bride, be sure to give her your affection and show her you really care. Make her feel special in her time in the limelight.

Personalize it- the card funny, light carefree, conservative or whatever matches the bride’s personality.

 Bridal Shower Quotes

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